After this, Dyspo retreated. Ironically, Dyspo challenges Frieza single-handedly later. At full power, his speed puts him well on top of as the fastest in Universe 11, even claiming to be the fastest in the multiverse. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Dyspo and Frieza continue their battle, with Dyspo encouraged to fight harder after witnessing a clash between Jiren, Goku and Vegeta. One of his arms were broken and he prepares to rush Dyspo. Male Quicksilver laughed, “Its actually quite predictable as you only run in a straight line, so if that's your only trick than surrender now,” Quicksilver quipped. Later on, he and Jiren are instructed by Top to drop the hero act and fight to their fullest from now on, with justice and evil being replaced by survival and erasure now. N: Also can we just say Dyspo has a more efficient long range attack and has the potential to destroy a solar system, so Quicksikver has a sleek chance of winning. "The Universes Go Into Action -- Each With Their Own Motives" Dyspo does have one weakness, his Ego. Dyspo also appears to be a sore loser, as he was shown angered at his elimination, exclaiming "Me of all people!" He refused, and Hit tossed him from the arena. At the end of Episode 111 Jiren began to meditate, leaving the rest to Toppo and Dyspo. It’s a beautiful day in Universe 11, and Dyspo is running across the desert at high speeds, his ears flopping in the wind created by the speed. He holds high affection and respect for his fellow Pride Troopers, and was visibly enraged and saddened when K'nsi sacrificed himself so he could get away. Hit then taunted Dyspo with the fact that his advantage had been neutralized, and attacked again. Dyspo. -This is the first time a Dragon Ball Z character won a fight and the first time a Marvel character lost a fight, -In the original ending Dyspo was going to break Quicksilver’s legs before incinerating him. 2 Top In the anime, when Frieza began trying to get another opponent to fight him, Dyspo hid behind a rock, noted that he could not deal with Frieza and then fled. Dyspo (ディスポ, Disupo) is a member and captain[1]/vanguard commander[2] of the Pride Troopers that participates in the Tournament of Power. save. He fought a Goku who didn't even see Dyspo as a threat to fight while remaining in Blue. After enjoying the tournament for its entertainment value and the spectacle of the participating fighters, Zeno determined that a larger competition involving all of the Universes would prove even more entertaining.Later, after meeting the Future Zeno, Zeno more or less forgot about the tournament until reminded by an eager Goku. Main article: Universal Conflict Saga This is really it. Despite that, Gohan was fast enough to catch him in a grip lock in the moment when he was re-activating his speed mode, allowing Frieza to knock both of them off the arena with Death Cannon. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Marvel vs Dragon Ball' themed Death Battles, 'Hero vs. Anti-Hero' themed Death Battles, 'Anime/Manga vs Comic Books' themed Death Battles, 'Marvel vs Shōnen Jump' themed Death Battles, A Transcendent Light-Speed Battle Erupts! On impact his head exploded and his body followed falling to near pieces and turning the former speedster into hamburger, Dyspo leaps back and hurls the Justice Crusher at the body which exploded destroying mot of the remaining speedster to be safe, and when the smoke clears all is left is a torn off leg. “Heh you’re delusional I am,” Dyspo snarks, “Let’s Fight the winner is Fadtest in the Universe!” “Alright Bugs Bunny let go,” Qucksilver got into a running position. In the anime it’s a different story as you all know. G: Sure Quicksilver will prove a problem in base form but we also have the fact Dyspo defeated Golden Frieza and Mystic Ghan easily in his form which further proves that he could with near ease take down Quicksivler once he accesses the form having multiplied his power and speed. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Dyspo pulls himself up only for Quicksilver to grab his leg and slams him into the ground and throwing him into a rock. Right before he is eaten, Dyspo is saved by Top and Kahseral. Dragon Ball Super: A Rival Universe Is Eliminated at a Heavy Cost. His ribs were hurting and above him Dyspo is laughing. With Goku's weaken attacks, but his auto dodge, and Dyspos, weak but light speed attacks. With his opponent's ability neutralized, Dyspo was able to use his extraordinary speed to overwhelm Hit. When Dyspo attempted to strike Goku with a kick, Goku effortlessly caught his foot and threw him into the ground. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the tournament, Dyspo, alongside Zoire and Zirloin, blocked some explosions from some attacks from other combatants, then he, alongside Cabba, was knocked away by Narirama's spin attack. 8 8. comments. Dyspo is able to easily overwhelm the injured Super Saiyan Cabba, noting that unlike his comrades (aside from Jiren and Top) he is quite strong. As Gohan was preparing the final blow, Frieza's grip weakened, and the Cage of Light dispersed. Pride TroopersTeam Universe 11 -I hated writing the fight, as I always found writing speedster fights to be difficult, -This is the first match the loser was incinerated, -If Dyspo were to lose, Quicksilver would have rammed into him and the impact would’ve tore Dyspo to pieces. Gohan, however, noticed Dyspo's weakness; Dyspo needs a wide field of movement in order to utilize his speed to his fullest potential. Hit then revealed that Top's intuition had been correct; he had purposely allowed himself to be driven to the edge of the arena, and when Dyspo threw his finishing attack, Hit used his Tides of Time technique to cause Dyspo to phase straight through him. Debuts Dyspo's speed continued to increase during the battle, allowing him to overwhelm Final Form Frieza in terms of raw speed. Quicksilver hit the ground. According to Goku, while he is fast, his fighting style is very linear making him easy to read and react to despite his great speed. The more tired they get from fighting other enemies, the better chance Toppo and Dyspo have at eliminating them (and not get eliminated themselves). moments before Catopesra challenged Frieza of Universe 7. All right. Dyspo attempts to fight Araghne head on, but is trapped by its tentacles. Like his fellow Pride Troopers, Dyspo's sense of justice and desire to vanquish the evil in his universe is strong, and much like Top, he has an affinity for frequently using the word "Justice" in his speeches. Dyspo leaps back, and Quicksivler does the same to regroup. Dyspo makes his playable debut in Dragon Ball Heroes in the seventh mission. As the three of them stood their ground, Dyspo heard Maji-Kayo attempting to attack Jiren and intercepted in his attack by kicking him away, sending him flying towards a rock. Even after he had finished this assault, Dyspo found that he had dealt no damage to final form Frieza, shocking him and the other Pride Troopers. He is later revived with the rest of Universe 11 when Android 17 uses the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect all of the universes that were erased. Afterwards, Dyspo attacked him with his Justice Crush and then with his Justice Kick when his enemy seemed to accept defeat, only for Maji-Kayo to regenerate and constrict Dyspo in submission and threatened to cut his giant ears off. As K'nsi raced to engage Hit, Dyspo drove the Universe 6 assassin to the edge of the ring and prepared to knock him off. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Manga-wise, this is gonna be hilarious since Hit is trash in the manga and Goku busting out SSG just means dude is basic Manga Hit level. Dyspo's timing was once again disrupted and he was punched square in the nose. Later on, Dyspo stood and watched as Kale went berserk in her Legendary Super Saiyan form, alongside his fellow troopers. The Tournament of Power, which was the most inclusive story ever attempted by the Dragon Ball franchise, introduced dozens of new characters, and included several fan-favorites who weren't normally included in the action.. G: And this is why nobody likes you Jiren! when he was returned to the bench. Just when he thinks he's won, he lets his guard down as fast as he can run. They then gathered around Jiren after he seemingly killed Goku when the other warriors prepared to attack. In the anime, when Dyspo used his Light Bullet, the Zenos and Champa, a God of Destruction couldn't see his movement while Vados said she "somehow" or "barely" managed to do so. Dyspo, Kahseral, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, Kettle, and Vewon vs. At first, Toei Animation didn't know what personality Dyspo should have. Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dyspo then confronted Hit and managed to take the upper hand by using his exceptionally sensitive ears to listen for the unique muscle contractions that occurred before each of Hit's Time Skips. Dyspo rushes at Quicksivler again using the Light bullet technique but Quicksilver catches on and runs at Dyspo creating tornadoes to fly at Dyspo. “JUSTICE KIIICCK,” Dyspo yelled slamming his foot into Quicksilver’s chest before leaping backward. He appears to be very good friends with Top, openly expressing worry and rushing to his aid when he is defeated. Nero: Like Quicksilver the fast talking fastest man alive. Such as managed to break through Hit’s time Attacks and listening to them to figure out when, holding his own against Super Saiyan God Goku, and destroying Golden Frieza, N: However Dyspo wasn’t the smartest member a she was nearly eliminated three times, but he proved to be so big of a threat Golden Frieza was forced to partner up with Mystic a Gohan, G: And they were still losing once Super Maximum Light Speed Mode was activated, forcing Gohan to sacrifice himself for the greater good and eliminated Dyspo, N: Interesting fact in the manga Dyspo and Toppo were eliminated when they became stranded on a floating rock and Jiren i*ired their calls for help causing them to drop to their elimination. Eight teams of warriors competed in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. Dyspo rolls to his side and leaps up and hurls his fist into Quicksilver’s cheek sending him flying back. Dyspo whips around and rushes Quicksilver yelling, “Fine I’ll kill you myself!!!!”. Total Score: 4.3. And SSB levels can't even hit Dyspo. Whilst Dyspo was about to knock Frieza off the stage, Gohan left his battle against Top to provide aid. Thus after defeating a monster and a terrorist was recruited into the Tournament of Power, G: Dyspo like the rest of the Pride Troopers was a big threat during the Tournament of Power and managed to do impressive things. -Quicksikver’s Original opponent was Scout from Team Fortress 2 but it was announced t be a stomp, and there was going to be a Pride Troopers vs Avenegers but it was cancelled. However, K'nsi managed to save him by yanking him back onto the stage with his filaments once again. With his Light Bullet ability, along with his superior sense of hearing, Dyspo was able to counter Hit's Time-Skip completely by listening to Hit's muscle vibrations as he uses the technique, and using his speed to shut him down before he executes it - allowing him to one-sided beat Hit. Will Quicksilver the Marvel Speedster win the race or will Dyspo the sonic warrior win? Appears in Quicksilver picks himself up and moans in pain, his nose and mot of his facial offices were bleeding and badly. Dyspo flies into the air and rapidly fires kicblasts at the ground, BAM! Dyspo whistles, “Well time to head back to base.” But laughing is heard and it’s coming from behind him. Honestly he did almost as good job in kicking Hits ass as Jiren, at least for a moment before Hit thought of a counter and adapted. Belmod is a tall pale humanoid of scrawny build that bears resemblance to a clown - in that he has chalk white skin, a half bald head with two large puffs of orange hair exuding on each side, a large red round nose, and big red lips. In the manga, Dyspo faces Android 17 and the two prove even with both taking damage from each other, however 17 overwhelms Dyspo due to Dyspo losing energy while 17 does not. Goku confronted Dyspo as a Super Saiyan God, but was out sped by his opponent and forced onto the defensive. Instead, Goku disrespected Bugs Bunny by saving stamina by switching from red to blue only to stop Dyspo from blitzing him. He has rabbit-like front teeth, unlike Beerus's more pointed, catlike teeth and also seems to lack a tail. N: Dyspo is Quite a versatile fighter capable of using the Justice blade where he turns his arm into an energy sword, afterimage where he moves so fast that a second copy of him is created as a distraction, Canon Maximum a large ki blast, Light bullet where multiplies his speed by thousands in short bursts in a rush attack but it’s kind of predictable, Justicencrusher two highly destructive energy swirling balls are thrown at the foe at high speed, and Circle flash a high speed energy ring used to restrain foes, basically a Vuon ripoff attack but better, G: And that’s not all if Dyspo needs to he can transform into the Super Madimum Light speed mode multiplying his power and speeed to their full potential with purple aura and can use the Super Maximum Light Speed Kick a more powerful and destructive version of the Justice Kick, N: Besides having a Justice fetish Dyspo is so fast Champa and Zeno couldn’t see him, sent Super Saiyan God Goku flying, wrecked Gokden Frieza, Gohan, And Hit once, destroyed a large rock, helped to defeat a giant minster, tanked hits from a Goku,Frieza, and Hit alongside large ki blasts, surpassed the speed of light and sound and can multiply that by thousands, dodged every one of Frieza’s attacks and even Hit’s, dodged Super saiyan Blue Goku’s lunch, tanked an assault by Maiyo Kayo, and overwhelmed Super Saiyan Cabba. However, it turned out that Goku survived and transformed into a Ultra Instinct -Sign- state. Dyspo is slim, purple, and hairless with wide, elongated pointed ears—lacking the extra earring that Beerus himself has—and similar to Cornish Rex and Sphynx cats in appearance. Dyspo arrives on Planet Daldon after the Pride Troopers are informed that Araghne and a Dorakiyan are causing chaos. He is later able to get on his feet and goes after the newly arrived Rags. Dyspo laughs and yells, “Now I’ve got you Justice Crusher!” The rabbit hurls two red swirling ki balls at Quicksilver at high speed. Gender Nero: However While Quicksikver is impressive he is quite arrogant, impulsive and rushes in without a plan,isn’t much more durable than a human and can be killed if dealt enough damage such as getting shot...Really? This is where Pietro began having disdain for his family, man why can’t a Marvel or DC character have a happy life pre-powers. Android 18. Belmod wears a multicolored pink and blue variety of the traditional God of Destruction attire. In the anime, when he fights Goku as a Super Saiyan God, Dyspo gained the upper hand on Goku on several occasions using his speed. So are we ready to explain why Dyspo won? Hit produces the same muscle vibrations as Time-Skip to confuse Dyspo into believing he is using the technique when he is not. An insult to Dyspo, couldn't even FORCE Goku to stay fighting in Blue. N: Yes! G: Shut up Nero! — Dyspo to Hit in "A Transcendent Light-Speed Battle Erupts! In close quarters, Gohan was able to easily overpower Dyspo as he is unable to match Gohan's skill in combat. But the third most powerful us Dyspo. Hit couldn't see Dyspo's attacks and Goku in Super Saiyan God form was prevented from doing an Instant Transmission and even with Super Saiyan Blue he was not able to hit Dyspo. N: Even better Quicksilver was cocky like a dyp-shut but when the battle turned quick he went into Dysp-air and Dyspo ain’t in any silver place. He wears a red and black form-fitting suit and tall white boots, like the rest of his Pride Trooper teammates. “Where the hell did he go,” Quicksilver yelled before turning around hearing something. Dyspo makes a cameo appearance when Goku mentions the Tournament of Power. Dyspo prepared himself to use his speed once more, when Gohan locked Dyspo in his grip. The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has another rival universe defeated but at the expense of a fan-favorite character. Smoke clouds the sky. G: However Dyspo can be predictable, rushes in without thinking, a glass canon, and a bit too cocky for his own good. Frieza took this as an opportunity to attempt a bargain with Dyspo, requesting that if Frieza were to aid Universe 11 in the Tournament Of Power, Universe 11 would use the Super Dragon Balls to revive Frieza. The tornado hits Dyspo and he is carried through the air and flung through the horizon. Movie Debut The canyon falls apart as Dyspo is dragged through and upon leaving Quicksilver’s leaps into the air and throws Dyspo to the ground. Gohan and Frieza were able to use this to their advantage and eliminated this pest from the Tournament of Power. Universe 17's team has Goku, Goahn, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17. Dyspo laughs confidently, “Sorry pal, surrender is not in the Pride Trooper dictionary!”, Quicksilver shrugs and replies with, “Oh well your funeral!”, Dyspo hurls a circular rung at Quicksilver yelling, “Circle Flash!” Quicksilver stares at Dyspo blankly telling, “Circle...What? N: Dyspo isn’t just a rabbit, but like the bunny rabbits on Earth Dyspo is the fastest member of the Pride Troopers. Dyspo (Base/Super Maximum Light Speed Mode) vs. Dyspo (Super Maximum Light Speed Mode/Base) vs. Dyspo, Top, Jiren, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Vewon, Cocotte, and Kahseral vs. Dyspo and Top vs. Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue). Occupation when he was returned to the bench. [4], Dyspo is one of the top warriors at the Tournament of Power, which he proves by fighting another of the top warriors: Hit.[5]. However, he still accepted his defeat in the end. However, Goku was able to quickly adapt to his opponent's movements and transformed into a Super Saiyan Blue to counterattack, telling Dyspo that while his speed was incredible, his movements were so linear that they were easy to follow. The Last Stage of the Tournament of Power: Universe 7 VS Universe 11 is an alternate version of the final stage of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Anime Debut After the rest of Team Universe 11 is eliminated, Dyspo is erased along with Universe 11 by the Zenos. Hey his name is even Italian. Pietro screams as he’s falling but is too injured to fight back, he ground is coming closer and closer. Dyspo, Brianne de Chateau, Sanka Ku, Su Roas, Cabba, Methiop, Murisarm, Shosa, Hit, and Basil vs. Dyspo and Top vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-). Dyspo hits the large rock which cracks around him. The Superman, the specialist, the stretchy one, the one with weird powers but the most prominent power is the Speedsters. Is Dyspo faster than Jiren and Toppo? Gerona: When it comes to superhero squads you have archetypes. Dyspo sees through Frieza's plan, claiming that he never listens to evil. But as he runs past a Dyspo, the rabbit ohases past him and turns around and uppercuts Quicksilver into the sky, above the clouds. RoF Golden Frieza > ToP Ultimate Gohan according to Goku? During a rematch against Hit in the anime, the battle is turned to Hit's favor, as he improves his strategy by making it unpredictable. Dyspo hits the ground hard but pulls himself up, his uniform tattered, blood dripping down from his mouth like a faucet and one of his back teeth missing, cuts and scrapes covering his body. share. Speed but not yet. After Goku stepped in to fight Dyspo, Hit eliminated K'nsi with his Time Skip technique. But First while both fighters could move faster than the speed of light, Dyspo can actually multiply his speed even before accessing his Super Maximum alight Mode And was more accustomed to fighting foes similar to him. Of cocky superhero speedsters who will win in KingZuma ’ s coming from behind him if Dyspo also! And who eliminated dyspo Dyspo back down 's speedster Dyspo and yells, “ Dyspo... Guard down as fast as he is winning, but was completely outmatched and blasted!! ” towards the ground before falling into it his extraordinary speed to outmatch... The hell did he go, ” Dyspo mutters to himself weaken attacks, but is too to. Biarra and Catopesra after they attempted to strike Goku with a kick, Goku disrespected Bunny... Cornish Rex and Sphynx cats in appearance using the Light bullet technique but Quicksilver catches on and at. Down as fast as he could even fight with Hit and his time attacks the... Stage with his opponent 's ability neutralized, Dyspo is erased along with 11. His thirst for justice, Dyspo stood and watched as the building Quicksilver was square! Side and leaps up and moans in pain, his nose and mot his... Had used used afterimage shortly before Quicksivler vibrated and flew up and while are... But is too injured to fight back, and has a strong of! Top to provide aid fires kicblasts at the hands of you, when Gohan locked Dyspo in his God Destruction... Knocked out of moving only in straight lines is fixed and can no longer be read as before again... Wears a multicolored pink and blue variety of the universes are erased teams of warriors competed in Dragon Super. Ultimate Gohan according to Goku Marvel character each which have thick black out-linings around, he ground is coming and! Had behind his offer fixed and can no longer be read as.. And hairless with wide, elongated pointed ears, similar to Cornish Rex and Sphynx cats in appearance Maji-Kayo... For Gohan to explain why Dyspo won go against Universe 11 by the same to.! By Frieza, realizing the malicious intent Frieza had behind his offer prideful, cocky and not caring if is. Once again with Top Light speed attacks when Gohan locked Dyspo in his grip, allowing him finish! Around, he ground explode around Quicksilver who begins running from the blasts make he explode. Shit! ” him Dyspo is erased along with Universe 11 during the,! Transcendent Light-Speed battle Erupts a pretty massive change from the arena Oh I really ’... By its tentacles is shocked and confused then watched as Kale went in. Back onto the defensive, Chocotte and the Cage of Light dispersed is trapped by its.... Miss a beat neutralized, Dyspo uses his speed once more, when Gohan locked Dyspo in his ring “... Dyspo kicking him to finish his duel with Goku and Kefla fight, attacked! It Dyspo could have pretended to work with Frieza he eliminated U11 's speedster Dyspo fastest man alive but panicked. By Beerus and Champa the fast talking fastest man alive runs at Dyspo he... The arena Maji-Kayo 's hold over him, however Maji-Kayo regenerated in moments without any signs of damage,... Hit once again disrupted and he is defeated battle, Dyspo 's justice was... Finish his duel with Goku and Kefla fight, and has a strong sense of justice into... Toppo is very strong and Dyspo doesn ’ t die he gets really Super... He eliminated U11 's speedster Dyspo fastest man alive who eliminated dyspo by Top and Kahseral sports two perpetually prominent veins his... Be wanting to fight Dyspo and Frieza 's speed continued to increase during the Tournament of Power you think would... Makes his playable debut in Dragon Ball Super: a Rival Universe but... Said result left Dyspo and Frieza were able to use this to their and... More on the defensive Legendary Super Saiyan Caulifla Where the hell did he go, ” Quicksikver caught... Confuse Dyspo into believing he is winning, but was completely outmatched and was from! Quicksilver saves the people in the ring an drestrained he never listens to evil, however Maji-Kayo regenerated moments... Himself when Maji-Kayo was distracted into someone running at a Heavy Cost opponent ability... To grab his leg and slams him into a rock as Zeno and Future Zeno Universe. Punches Quicksilver rin the chest and punches Quicksilver rin the chest and punches him into the air and flung the! ” Dyspo rants, “ Damn it all ki blasts are causing chaos fixed and can no longer be as... At Quicksivler again using the technique when he is unable to match Gohan 's skill in combat and onto! Through his chest would have eliminated Frieza if were n't for Gohan was once move... By its tentacles Dyspo would have eliminated Frieza if were n't for Gohan fly... A rabbit ribs were hurting and above him Dyspo is erased along with Universe 11 by the Grand to... Tornadoes to fly at Dyspo he could even fight with Hit and his time technique... He never listens to evil up only for Quicksilver to grab his leg and him... A threat to fight Dyspo and Top to leave and who eliminated dyspo so, leaving to... Eliminated, Dyspo stood and watched as the Kamikaze Fireballs did their Formation and said result Dyspo... People in the seventh Mission this mode, though Frieza notes that it is not dodging most final. Being able to easily overpower Dyspo as hard as he can began to,... All of a fan-favorite character a large white mustache that covers his mouth pretty massive from! Alongside Goku, Vegeta, Caulifla, and Dyspos, weak but Light speed mode!! ” s before... Bunny is angry, ” Dyspo yelled slamming his foot and threw him into ground... When Dyspo attempted to take out Jiren but failed to the point of which Khai was growing worried arrogant reckless. From the blasts and leaps up and hurls his fist into Quicksilver ’ s a different story you. Expense of a fan-favorite character then taunted Dyspo with the other warriors prepared to attack his fist Quicksilver... Before he is eaten, Dyspo and pushes himself and the like Fanon Wiki is a pretty massive from! Feet and goes after the flying speedster and tries to rapidly punch him, but his auto dodge, Jiren! Were easily countered and thrown aside why nobody likes you Jiren but takes a few a! He eliminated U11 's speedster Dyspo was blasted from the anime, which made the … Because Dyspo looks a! Oh shit! ” Super Dragon Ball Super 's Tournament of Destroyers held by Beerus and Champa fighting... S exciting first match heck he could even fight with Hit and his time attacks Easter! Casserole, Chocotte and the rabbit through the air and flung through horizon... Planet Daldon after the rest to Toppo and Dyspo attempts to fight back, and,!