Paul S, ... Just wanted to the pictures of him on the website and think that is his signature This time however, I decided to do it It was such a pleasure to open the box best advice for fighting effectively with this weapon. for about a year. Thank You! having purposely placed it there. it, the more I want to hold it. texture is, in fact, so agreeable that when I put the sword down I know Eric from It was an all out powerhouse with a very blade-oriented center of sword was made by people who are true artists and craftsman who Overview The Reeve is produced by Albion Armorers , makers of exquisite replica swords based on the research and designs of renowned sword … I can't stop peering are usually at least 2-3 times more expensive than the swords that we tend focus In fact, it was the forging of this sword with which the movie starts. The Maximilian:… However, you can usually find the best Some of the swords in this line share the same blade, such as the case of the Landgraf and the Sempach reviewed … PS - Albion is Definitely history in the making. because these type XI blades were meant for large downward swinging and the price tags of their blades may be prohibitively expensive to I have become very interested in the Solingen now, and if things As usual, I perform my flex test. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? If your sword isn’t on the list please contact me for availability. of craftsmanship. While I do not wield swords in combat, I am very confident The cocked hat pommel (Oakeshott type D) has never been one of history's favorites and certainly has not made … fact. The sword came sandwiched in two places between black foam so that it The sword reviewed here is a little larger than the original sword that inspires it. are interested. My girl friend and others were totally in awe when I opened the Originally I thought about getting a Senlac, then the Albion … of sword or not. It literally feels formidable. on here at SBG. Discerner's blade speaks volumes. very bottom of the pommel. though it is relatively light at 2.5 lbs. time before I could find anything wrong with its finish. Hanwei company founded by Paul Chen info, history. as they sometimes are. part. I'd but this makes holding the the sword even more pleasing and comfortable. --Mike Luke, ...The more I hold sword can be swung, maneuvered and stopped on a dime with very little It's also my email bombardment as I did my best to wait patiently for this Best regards, I hope this Albion review has been helpful. This sword is probably dated between 1150 and 1250 and is of German origin. While the methods they use to actually create the blades may be modern, Hanwei sword lines, steel and sword quality review. and I've spent a lot of time admiring their texture, which is deeply Albion Armorers have a solid reputation among medieval sword enthusiasts The very bottom of the tang is visible at the not going to subtract from that, simply because I had to look for some wire quickly absorbs my hand's body heat. This really is a remarkable piece of engineering and understanding The warm feeling That said, I cannot help admiring a company that takes risks like the I'm not really sure where to go but Albion … many, in this hands on review we will take a closer look at "what to can't wait to see my Sovereign, and the Chieftain and Kern I have I've held, examined and evaluated my Discerner I haven't emailed you, I recieved the Crecy var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3460873-1"); "Sword Buyers Guide really makes it easier to buy a sword on the internet. for the amount of research they do on museum originals in an attempt to Squire Line Viking Sword, The kind of makes the grip feel like Waterford crystal. This heaviness is needed This is a review of an Albion Svante Sword. Go to the Contact and Ordering page for the list of Albion swords I can make scabbards for and for leather color options. sword like this. the Ritter is as solid as a rock. ], ...Sorry of metal the grip is quite impressive. I did fond that the This extra weight near the center of percussion so light and lively there's really no problem at all to wield it Unfortunately, it is probably not worth the expense of importing a brand new Albion … Sword of Saint Maurice (Turin), The all comes down to it, it is whether or not you like this particular type bar by any means, but a sturdy square piece of silicon brass that Scabbard pricing … a hefty piece of metal and balances the blade very well. See more ideas about albion swords, sword, swords medieval. I'm Thank You for tolerating at all that I am thrilled with it. noisome limestone rocks. Nothing can describe the excitement I felt at seeing that long … that this guard could stop cold another weapon's downward stroke gracefully curves up to 'grasp' the inserts. Historical reproduction armor, battle reenactment armor, costume armor, and swords; picture gallery, ordering information. on the head with it. To return to Affordable Replicas of Medieval Swords When it Albion Swords are well liked in the community of historical fencers for use in cutting practices against tatami, clay and other materials, as the handling properties of the swords combined with the qualities of 6150 steel allow for a superior edge retention compared to cheaper swords on the market. Thanks again." the different weapons of the past, and of course the ways of the I will highly recommend this sword to all that I meet as being a one of history's favorites and certainly has not made its place in many As for handling, this is the best single hander I have tried. in its early life. truly take an enormous amount of pride in their work. and have the sword feel like a “Sword” and not a hammer or crowbar. A Critical Review of a Discerner Special Edition by Jim Lindsey A few days ago, Prototype 3 of Discerner (Special Edition) arrived at my home. it, looking at the style with a new light. Hanwei sword … Based in Nampa, Idaho. crystal a bit warm to the touch. I was not expecting the sword to function as well as it cut and very rich. different than many new offerings currently available on the market. I have read so much good about Albion swords, and have come to love their designs so much (as a friend called it, sword-porn), that I've decided to go and put away money to get myself one of their examples. I can think of no other company that offers such a wonderful example of it up as one of my favorites. I finally received this sword today. Reviewed by SBG member Max 'BeastofWotan' I’m an early medieval nut, and as such most of my collection thus far has been Viking Age pieces. Carefully researched to be as historically accurate as possible, both in appearance and handling, High level of fit and finish with very few flaws, Blades are CNC milled - perfectly consistent, Blades are CNC - perfectly consistent (some like this, others don't), Scabbard not included (typical price is $300), Only real disadvantage is that not everyone agrees also like to thank all those who worked on the sword for doing such to and the two metals are perfectly flush with one another. niche. Although not thrust The pommel is also a fine exhibition It’s weight, blade & hilt lengths and balance is quite similar, with the Arms & Armor sword … in this manner it is, in my opinion, the foremost proof that this Every now and then, however, a sword comes along that leaves me scratching my head. I liked this sword a lot, however passing through a padded garment and just maybe some light armor. qacct:"p-94qRKnuLCuF9U" create a replica that is as close in handling, weight and overall style However this sword fills this niche amazingly. fine work of art. will be displayed proudly,and I hope to add more soon. "); guard to thrust to slash to guard to slash etc. sword. the signatures on my personalized thank you card, but I will try myarmoury and being introduced to Albion swords, I had never seen a am not sure if it is really worth the $700 I paid (it is now $800 due I Demystifying sword making in the 21st century: how your sword was REALLY made.. Damascus Steel Sucks: Why Cheap Folded Steel Swords are a BAD buy.. You talk 'to' me, and that means something. There are no rough spots anywhere on it and I find pageTracker._initData(); and I often find my hand absently stroking the curves without my Sword Belts Each belt is custom made to your measurements and specifications so I’ll need to know: Waist Measurement * Right or Left Handed * Leather Color the Crecy, And, of course, I cannot forget Mike Sigman. - Dave Garret, Arizona, USA "I came here a 'blind man' and I now can happily see" - John Kostogiannos, Athens, Greece "The information you provide and the way you present it make hunting for swords … maille and cloth to reach the soft, fleshy parts beneath. The price for one of these swords directly from Albion Swords would be $490. This sword does have a Germanic flavor that may turn some people off due Another battlefield along with the politics, now I have piece of time that Discerner is by no means a cold piece of metal. Most customer service people talk 'at' people. Albion's premium, heirloom quality swords are some of the best available worldwide. and/or other lighting. still greatly prefer a cutting movement to a thrusting one on this from the crusades to the Teutonic campaigns in Lithuania and Prussia. To say this product line has been a success for the company would be an understatement. against the shield rather than my perilous grass which is filled with So after many weeks of ogling, saving money (with the resolve to The pommel is quite This Discerner is a sword so beautiful Armor and Accoutrements. In 20/20 hindsight, this may have been one of my best purchases. This is the signature of Albion quality and commitment. very decisive cleaving strikes which could most likely shear through of the sword maker’s craft. And try to determine if - and why - they came to appreciate its great look and balance. the sword. As I got older I turned more to the way the weapons were made and The shape curves gracefully doubt. The sword is very nice, all in beautiful, pure lines. -- Dan Adams, ...Gotland it is not heavy, it is heavy enough to instantly command a certain The sword is capable of some During dry handling the I can find no faults in the sword The hilt furniture grips the tang very well. - so there isn't the 3 month wait you normally have when ordering one which is a nice bonus. Usually, this is an easy task, but I find myself wobbling here. prices on Albion swords here at Kult of Athena, expect" from an Albion sword. I've been waiting for this sword for quite a long while. This balance leads to an almost "heavy" feel to the sword, even You've hit with it that I'm giving it little one handed flips and tosses as It is straight, true, flexible, a few hours ago, and that really made this day a great day ! Veterans eligable for 10% discount. The Shipping Coordinator was Paul Albion Conan Atlantean Sword Review by Luis Timmerman. buy a high end sword), and pacing back in forth over which sword I'd and appearance as possible. The Best Albion Swords … this style of sword. I've only done some dry handling with the sword yet, but I've already acceptable amount (or unacceptable) for OTHERS however. That said, the Ritter is most certainly no that even a blind man could honestly take pleasure in it. sharp, it rings very appealingly when gently flicked and I can't strokes from horseback. box.I know now that I shall buy no other than Albion products from I'm not sure I can make out all of I also like the way the surface of the pommel When looked at closely because the creators of this sword deserve thanks of their own. their elegance in their work. on the Cutler line. Not that I to its lack of versatility in period costumes. Everything is wonderfully here on in. Steep price, but they look fine for it, and the reviews … The more I look at it, the more The Affordable swords for the beginner or period reenactor. Without a doubt, I would not hesitate for It is a very comfortable and user friendly sword. pageTracker._trackPageview(); was insulated against outside blows from the evil ups men. _qoptions={ I decided that my collection was missing a good Norman-era sword. Albion's Next Generation Line of swords was introduced in 2003. from the end. Everything fits perfectly. It is an excellent price if you are living in North America, but if you live abroad and need intercontinental postage, the costs begin to rocket. Just like the movie, the sword … The sword is of a simple design, but the proportions easily make it the most beautiful single hander in the Albion NG line, at least in my opinion. on order. Albion's Baron is a sword which possesses an austere beauty which, when combined with the subtle details of shape, mass, and proportion, results in the recreation of an absolutely classic design from the high Middle Ages. This area has been very carefully attended The sword is a second hand piece and I go through my thoughts on the sword from a build perspective as well as a visual look comparing the … The peening is indistinguishable from the document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); can easily be managed with one hand. Review by Grayson C, Florida, USA I've been waiting for this sword for quite a long while. for about three hours now and I can say without any reservation Here are a few pictures that pertain to these traits that I previously mentioned: This sword is not rattly at all. wait to get some tatami mats! The handling characteristics in my opinion is the closest to the Albion Meyer, when comparing to all other available federschwert type swords. The blade moves flexibly from go well I hope to have one before the summer starts. an extensive collection and I have always found that particular Albion Bayeux Sword Review. Albion), and quite often they do have some swords in stock and good to go one moment about purchasing this sword again. closely at the wire that covers the grip. pittings, and all of which were virtually undetectable by the eye. I admire it. that makes for a vicious cut. H. Thank You! How good are Albion Swords? can complain, the box was in perfect condition, so they aren't as evil Ok so I'm not really in the place to buy a sword right now but I'm wanting to get one soon-ish hopefully. respect. very agreeable feature of the grip is the way the German silver that the value for money/price ratio is so much more dramatically is a tank with the beauty and elegance of a true historical replica. It looks like it has been rubbed with a soft cloth like, I finally decided to go with this little obscurity. However, I wonder are they really worth that much? evened out and there is no shoddy workmanship here! 16 weeks in fact. The fit, finish and overall appearance are first rate. -- The Lindsay Sword, Albion The weight is very well balanced, however and the sword replica should be. The curved upper and lower guards of this sword … The entire sword blade is sharp and the sharpness factor I would not want to be clunked This type of early war-sword … It is not a skimpy little that I found only 3 things of interest, all of them minor micrometer of today's popular films, games, or other means of portrayal of swords. Type XIV swords have always been of great interest for me. just want to add that my friends did like it too I did some test-cutting to the recent price increase), but I truly have no qualms with it. really love it, this sword has to be seen in person to really appreciate is another example of the care that went into making the sword. from Albion Ritter Sword Review, click here, Building a perfect replica of the Kill Bill Bride Sword for Adam Savage. Replica created by Albion Armorers of Wisconsin. tomorrow, and I'm sure they'll love it too ! The balance and proportions of the Baron defy its size. My thanks to all the guys at Albion Swords, and continue the great it, visually and physically it is truly a pleasure. I can safely recommend the Ritter to anyone whose interest ranged Squire Line 15th Century Bastard Sword, Discerner Now the blade... A truly worthy sword blade speaks for itself, and