Check out how this bold dark blue paint color makes our front door shine bright. Paint Color.. From the Color Experts at Sherwin-Williams: Exterior Color Selection Tips for Homeowners. Ravishing Red. I look forward to hearing from you! Instead of whites, use Benjamin Moore Classic Gray for the trim. For example, in Sherwin Williams colors, I would not choose SW Extra White or SW Ceiling Bright White for the Exterior. There are tons of ways to accent the natural color of the bricks whether it’s inside or outside of the house. Below I share information about each paint color, swatches of each paint color, and the colors in rooms and some on cabinets. 44 Exterior Paint Colors with Red Brick. It was okay I guess, and matched the brick fine, but it just didn’t pop, and seemed to age the house. Sherwin williams exterior paint color schemes that go with red brick. Can you see the blue in the brick? Chestnut Sherwin Williams. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Share this with your friends Share with email Print page. Thank you! Hi Krystal. Follow along as my husband & I transform our dated home into a cozy, beautiful retreat DIY style where I also love to cook & he loves to eat. Saved by Kerri Treffeisen. White Paint Colors Not to Use on the Exterior. Homeowners \ Inspiration \ Painting Projects \ Exterior Paint ; Exterior Paint. My husband (note: Rick put himself through law school while running his own painting company back in the day) and I took many months to research paint colors, interview paint companies, and we actually waited an entire winter season before we hired anyone because the prices were crazy high (some of the estimates were 10k higher so be careful). No matter what, always test your paint colors, and you can learn how here. Last year, I shared a post with my tricks for choosing exterior trim colors here.. Today I thought I would combine last year’s post with today’s post on my tricks for choosing an exterior color palette to help with the process if you’re thinking about paint your home. It happens more than you’d think. Love the color and it looks fantastic with the brick. We advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and hire a professional when in doubt. Or pick a color that gives a nod to a classic: Something like Sherwin-Williams' Indigo Batik is similar to navy-blue, but the gray undertone is slightly more modern and fresh. As you can see below, even our dog, Dude, wanted out . Pick one of the colors, and create an analagous color scheme from it. You Did good, Great Look and Color Pick, love to all, Dad in NY. From contemporary, modern to rustic farmhouse these colors are perfect anywhere. Keep on doing, what you do! Thanks for sharing. That color brings out the blue in the bricks, yes I can see it. I live in your area and would love to get a quote from the painters you used. This Sherwin Williams elegant color combination can’t lose. I’ll be right out! I love red bricks especially these! Very, very nicely done! Here’s more photos from last fall right after the painters finished to show you how the dark blue brings out the cool colors of the brick, and the bright white outlines the shape of our home up against the forest/lake back ground. They were so dusty and faded I just grabbed them and they are still down in the basement. It’s possible to introduce color even if opting to be subtle. The photo above and below really prove to me why I feel our unique blend of custom color is the “Best House Paint Colors with Red Brick“. Home Decor. It is typically looks great when left in its natural tone. You may notice the updated garage doors match the shutters and it all flowed nicely. Would you mind sending us a sample we can use to color match? Oh dear, no! Brown shingled roofs and window trim enhance without disrupting the view. After a year or so, we hired a crew to paint the house a happier blue color (make sure you check many references and get many estimates). I absolutely love what you have done. It will be more subdued that white or cream, in a good way. When we moved in the house it was painted a sage color with creamy ivory trim that really washed out the entire Cape Cod style of our new home. How To Paint Exterior Brick. Hope I made you laugh, too Bette! I love the finished result. 2. Circa 1967 or I get my 1885 white pristine farm house that could use dark blue shutters instead of current black. I am adding Sherwin William Greek Villa to the list of Best White Paint Colors. You are so creative. That following season we found a husband and wife team and like I mentioned early, they really did do such a fantastic job. When the painters finished all of the patching, and prep work that seemed to take days and days because there was a ton, they asked me to come out and make sure the color was right. It really updated the look of your home in a very good way. Redhead is in charge now. September 2020. It’s on there front of the house and involves wood!! It’s possible to hang a painting or a distinctive parcel of art. I just love what you and Rick have done. JUST ADDED. I cannot wait to see it decorated for the holidays.. Jul 23, 2018 - Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Month Caviar SW 6990. Talk to your local paint store and ask them if they can match colors for you. See more ideas about exterior paint, exterior paint colors, house colors. I was straight up and told them that everything had to be cleaned up daily (being very careful of our landscaping), and absolutely no smoking. In dining rooms it can be very dramatic. I really wish I would have seen this prior to getting them painted! Hi Julie: Quite frankly, it was boring and way too predictable. We love it when you use our site for inspiration, but by using it, you agree that you do so at your own risk. The Sherwin Williams website offers a few ways to find coordinating colors, but there is no option to search by color however, there are still ways to find a coordinating color that will work. Would you mind sharing? Did I find the right color? It did grow on us, and this periwinkle type blue was definitely an upgrade from the drab sage. It looks amazing! Love the color and that you took the time to research to get all that you wanted in color and job….so important. Stay safe, 1. I’ll definitely be doing this. The Color Concierge chose dark blue for the siding and garage door exterior paint colors (Sherwin Williams Cyberspace) for a fresh new look. Saved from Pinterest. So beautiful. Exterior House Color.. Read my full disclosure and privacy policy statements here. UPDATE: Since this is a custom matched color, and the formula on the paint can doesn’t seem to be enough information for paint stores to create the paint, I am now mailing hand painted large samples to anyone interested- for a small fee. I was a bit worried when I “red” that you had a new house color. It was just the two of them, so there was no “crew” all over our property. It's going to be a great color for your house, too! We just had the eves painted a light gray. Just take this post with you to the paint store and show them this: DARK BLUE: Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss—–> Formula-E-10Y200, KX-1Y88, MM-48, RR-48, BRIGHT WHITE: Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Satin—->Extra White (standard color), Oh, I almost forgot. In this case we picked SW Retreat, which is a muted green color that prevents the palette from looking like a Christmas palette. Do you think Kelly Moore would be able to match it, and they use the same color code to give me the Sherwin-Williams color, but it’s not coming out the same. Pure White is part of the Trendsetter, Dreamer, Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2020, Timeless White, 2020 Play, Acute Care Cool Foundations, ABC’s and 123’s, Inbe Tweens, Teen Space, 2021 Sanctuary collections from Sherwin Williams. Thx. Article from 2016 Door Color Trends. The following GDPR rules must be read and accepted: This form collects your name, email and content so that we can keep track of the comments placed on the website. The house did look “dusty” originally. Time and time again I see people choose paint colors and once the paint color goes up, they realize the color is not what they expected. Time Day. Hi! The wall in your ZEN room also looks great and it really makes the room cozier. Explore. Greek Villa is slightly warm. Required fields are marked *, Hi, guys! Exterior. That dark blue grounds the house and gives it a presence it didn’t have before. Together with our painters, and our local paint store we were able to formulate the dark blue color by matching it to a photo I had fallen in love with. Thanks!! Beautiful classic neutral colors for stucco, brick, wood siding, shutters, doors, with stone and more. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. Enjoy your day. Maybe some day, but wait until you see how the final colors make our old door POP now…, Pow! SW Alabaster. It is striking. I just spent 20 minutes trying to create the best title for this post -one that would captivate the amazing difference our new bold paint color has made to the exterior of our home. I nearly had a panic attack right there in the middle of my foyer in my pajamas, but just said, “Oh yah, sure! It looks great!!! A nice place to chill out, I don’t mean get cold! Explore. Sherwin Williams Dark Night is probably my favorite paint color of this list. Would this still look ok with copper gutters? Blog. The difference is truly shocking, especially in person. Please e-mail me at and I will get the sample out to you today or tomorrow. Today. It also takes away the overpowering brick color that dominated the house. This item has been successfully added to your list. Even after replacing the old brick steps with gorgeous DIY Mahogany Wood Steps, I still didn’t feel this front door was at it’s full potential. Your Cart Looks lovely.Everytime I read your blog, I think to myself, how can Julie improve on her lovely house. Of course, red brick is not just red – it has in fact got a lot of different colors within the brick. Hip hip hooray! painting the exterior of our home: DIY. Unfortunately, the front door still didn’t seem right . Sherwin willimans exterior paint colors that go well with red brick pavers. It almost made me feel dusty . The blue/grey colour is amazing. I love the color but the copper gutters are throwing me for a loop. Update a red brick home with dark blue! Highlight of the 2019 Colors of the Year from the paint manufacturers color forecasts including Sherwin Williams, BEHR, PPG, Ace Hardware and Dutch Boy. Enjoy., Julie, you are exactly correct. Test the color that you choose on the home because the color you see on the paint chip in the store will become darker and more intense in full sunlight across a wide swath of the exterior. What a beautiful house. SHERWIN WILLIAMS GREEK VILLA. Follow along as I share 10 of the most popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors. What color to paint front door with green shutters and red brick? We live in a colonial also with an orangey brick not nearly as pretty as yours. If you love that other brand (BM) famous white paint color, this a close comparison. Since ever-shifting natural light affects how paint colors are viewed, look at fan decks and paint chips outside on bright and cloudy … They did our mailbox, too! The original owner found these after a long search for the right color she wanted. It really was a risk, but I guess you could call it a well thought out risk. If you want your red color to be less energetic choose those that are less saturated or have some rust and brown tones like Sherwin-Williams Fireweed or Rustic Red. We thought we’d throw in a little bonus color palette that includes two of our top-rated exterior paint colors by Sherwin-Williams. Boosting curb appeal can be simple with exterior paint projects that make a house feel like a home. Love it. Exterior Paint colors that go with red brick. When I was younger, I use to put up with it, but not anymore. I’d really love to get a sample. What I do know, is that after all the research reviewing paint colors with red brick, after all the mini testing sessions on the side of our home, by far, this dark blue custom color my husband and I created is definitely the top dog. I can’t wait for you to tell me what you think of the next makeover. If you’d prefer to email me the information my email is: Everything is gorgeous. There are two ways of looking at exterior Paint colors that go with red brick; either somewhat match the brick, or shoot for maximum contrast. You see, if they are popular, then most likely the color has been tried again and again. At brick&batten we have curated 16 of the best paint colors for your home’s exterior in 2020. Stay safe, friend! Back Paint Color by Family Reds Oranges ... Click the link below and get directions to your closest Sherwin-Williams store. Our brick is so hard to pair a color with – then add the HOA that has to approve every choice. Explore colors, tools and techniques. That was the main reason I wanted this color. You’re able to add color with various books. Love all the changes that have evolved. If interested in the color, I have the formula details for you below. Could you please let me know if this was formulated elsewhere? Love the color!! Stay safe~, […] If you’re interested in this dark blue/grey paint color, it’s actually the same color we used on the exterior of our home last fall (although our painter obviously had them do an interior formula). The “whitest” color I would choose for the exterior is SW Pure White. Dark blue is gorgeous with a red brick home. Once we replaced the traditional shutters with our DIY Cedar Stained Shutters, I began to appreciate the blue a lot better. Redhead Can Decorate and it’s owner, employees (if applicable) and affiliates are not liable in any way for injury or loss (whether physical, emotional, monetary or any other kind of loss) resulting from any inspiration, ideas, directions or information gained from this website. PaintPerks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Tue Dec 22 20:28:45 CST 2020. Neither could do anything in their system with it. I’m not quite sure the title “Best House Paint Colors with Red Brick” is adequate. I thought, Julie, you better not have painted those beautiful bricks or you will find me driving across the state and knocking on your door….crying!! What color of red would you use to paint front door when your house is grey brick? It took 0 milliseconds to generate this page. It’s not quite navy but it’s pretty darn close. So bright, you might catch the rainbow …. Exterior paint color ideas with red brick 40 . Cheers, Bette, That just cracked me and my son up! Lowe’s guessed, so I have two samples that they tried to create the match. (0 items) Click here for more information: Best House Paint Colors. Tag your most inspiring and colorful Twitter and Instagram posts with #SWCOLORLOVE or upload a photo. But when I put Sherwin-Williams natural choice on my brick matched by Kelly Moore, it looks like light beige with a yellow undertone, where as Sherwin-Williams natural choice looks more earthy with a slight gray undertone. This updated home was built in 1968. Share Share . You can see the wooden shutters we built for cheap to take their place here: Wooden Sidelight Shutters. […] Red Brick Stairs and Gray Door from redheadcandecorate […]. I also made them cookies . If you take my sample to your paint store they can match it up for you easily. . Great going with the colors, they look fantastic. Now it’s balanced w a grandeur it needed! Well, you did it again..LOL!!! Shoji White holds its own on our list of favorite Sherwin-Williams colors because it’s the perfect warm blend of beige and gray. Love it, darlin’. Red is a fantastic paint color for kitchens and spaces where you entertain and want to promote conversation and interaction. When combined with muted red brick this paint color is the start. This paint color is super flexible regarding adapting in a particular interior style. Are you able to send me a sample of what you have and I can color match? You mentioned trying to give each other space while everyone’s at home. Subtotal: $0.00.