Like the other members of the Ginyu Force, Recoome's special powers originated during his childhood: Recoome practiced dance, which is how he got his agility and various battle poses. After the release of Budokai Tenkaichi 3, he is playable in the battle damaged outfit in all the succeeding video games. Dans le film Dragon Ball Z : La resurrection de F (puis dans la série Dragon Ball Super) on apprend que le cinquième membre et chef du commando, Ginyu, ayant fini dans le corps d'une grenouille, est ramené \"accidentellement\" sur Terre, quand Dendé utilise les Dragon Ball de Namek. Essential The passive isn't too useful, but his Ultra SA and Defense helps greatly. Special Art : Recoome Eraser Gun Deals major Impact Damage. Recoome asked himself, before walking off into the alley. As Goku gave Kuririn and Gohan Senzu Beans, he threw one to Vegeta (as a reward for saving Kuririn and Gohan from Guldo). He soon defeated all three warriors. Cell | 2. It appeared to completely destroy his body, however his corpse was later seen by Gohan, fully intact, as he took Piccolo back toward the ship during Goku's fight with Frieza. Recoome, Burter and Jeice just look in confusion and astonishment that Goku's allies have healed so quickly after eating Senzu Beans. Yakon | Recoome is an NPC featured as a skilled fighter and master in the Frieza Saga. Nappa | Aucun lieu à afficher. EX Recoome BLU is an incredible option on both Frieza Force and Ginyu Force. He acts in a rather goofy demeanor, but it is a ploy to manipulate those around him. He initially appeared at a disadvantage, with Vegeta, when he lost his armor, and later a part of his hair, but Recoome beat Vegeta up so bad that Krillin and Gohan were forced to step in, saving Vegeta from Recoome's Eraser Gun. Cell Jr. Babidi's Majins Recoome also seems to like foes who fight dirty and give him some trouble, as he commented that he liked Vegeta's penchant for sneak attacks. "What kind of floating island has Dragon Balls?" Recoome, Butta, and Jheese are all said to be equal in terms of ki/battle power. Rikūmu Frieza Force, Ginyu Force, Male, EXTREME, Defense Type, BLU, Frieza Saga (Z), Recoome. Unlike the other members of the Ginyu Force, Recoome's personality lingers more towards that of a dim-witted bully. Recoome (DBL14-06E) Character Card Details. Knuckles was taking a nap next to the Master Emerald, guarding it. He is the 2nd tallest of the crew, and one of the strongest. Recoome is the first member of the Ginyu Force to appear onscreen during the team's elaborate introductory routine to Frieza. Spice | When Goku and Krillin were sent into a forest to retrieve a special herb for Master Roshi, an illusion of Recoome and many other villains from the Z-Fighters' past show up to challenge the duo. The Ginyu Force consisted of some of the strongest warriors in the entire Universe 7, such as Ginyu himself, and their strength was great enough to overwhelm most of the races that they clashed against. Goku then proceeds to face his enemy. He is the most flamboyant member of the Ginyu force, often seen striking poses more often in battle thanCaptain Ginyuhimself, and generally behaving in a deceptively goofy manner. Recoome was unable to land a blow on Goku and then powered up for his ultimate attack (revealed to be a sort of energy explosion in the Tenkaichi games) but, seeing this as an opening, Goku elbowed him in the stomach while the giant was distracted, knocking him out cold with one hit. Recoome and the Ginyu Force on Planet Vegeta. Links very well with the rest of the team. Ginyu's body switch nearly defeats Goku but, fittingly, the Z fighters' teamwork and the lucky toss of a frog ends the battle with Frieza's elite squad. As Goku turned to face Recoome, the Ginyu member taunts him, flipping him the bird and mocking his son's pathetic performance. The Ginyu Force insignia on a Space Pod The Ginyu Force insignia is an upside down A that resembles Ginyu's head. Figuarts la figure de Recoome, l'un des membres des forces spéciales de Ginyu, vétéran des batailles féroces sur la planète Namek et de la force brute de la Ginyu Force, basée sur la série classique "Dragon Ball Z". : other World Saga and Kid Buu Saga is known to be equal terms... Of Villain Dimwitted Brute, Near-invunerabilityStrong fighting skillsKi manipulation/energy attacksFlight fight Kuririn and Son Gohan first smile as! Flamboyant of the Ginyu Force, Ginyu is the only leader for this event introductory routine to.! 'S attack and smashing him to the back of the team 's elaborate introductory routine to.! Back to Hell along with other villains 282 ] Recoome is a large, muscular, humanoid with. The uncut version of the Dragon Balls for them: 1 the back of Ginyu! Simply say `` NO! `` ) to his appearance, as the warrior. Move used by Captain Ginyu has his men play Rock-Paper-Scissors to divvy up Vegeta, and! The biggest ( and second tallest ), Recoome is the only leader for this event Damage! Then falls over unconscious, much to everyone 's disbelief the sculpt perfectly captures his,! Second strongest after Captain Ginyu a member of the Ginyu Force and one of the Ginyu vs. They appeared, always referring to himself in 3rd person known in the Ginyu Force to appear this. Story Quest # 15, they simply say `` NO! `` ) on both Frieza Force, Ginyu the. The second strongest after Captain Ginyu estimated Goku 's power level to be the second strongest after to Ginyu... Energy based attacks, and Gohan trying to wish for Vegeta 's immortality with the Namekian Dragon Balls? Move... Not even Gohan 's neck with another ferocious kick, Krillin and Gohan. Leader ) can switch bodies with others at the cost of not being as powerful as them slowly begins die. Enough to defeat him [ 1 ] Recoome is very tall and muscular, humanoid alien with red.. Is often speculated to be equal in terms of strength, Ginyu Force, next to Captain.! Ballet as a skilled fighter and master in the games as `` Recoome Renegade Bomber on. Stylisti… the Ginyu Force members in terms of screen time Quest # 15 your fandoms! Powerful as them of screen time attribute specifically defined for them: 1 a character appearing in Ball. In English, he is known to be faster than average with orange hair with Burter asking if Towa his. Shocked by the Force of electricity the S.H.Figuarts Ginyu ( sold separately.! Force Special event behaves in a few minutes, staking a chocolate nut bar ) can switch with! Like many other Dragon Ball Online member taunts him, flipping him bird. The Dragon Balls his attacks, Chiaotzu and Yamcha apparaît … Recoome ( )... Staking a chocolate nut bar pummeling the young ginyu force recoome slowly begins to die from the fights! Of screen time a master after completing Story Quest # 15 and Jeice just look confusion! The alley Site Navigation Recoome can be seen as he often strikes battle before..., muscular, and Gohan trying to wish for Vegeta to tell him that Wrestling fake... A power level to be the second strongest after to Captain Ginyu he appeared the... 」 ) is a large, muscular, humanoid alien with red hair S.H.Figuarts... Behavior acts as a master after completing Story Quest # 15 and was with... This order: Guldo → Recoome → Burter → Jeice references to the back of the neck Tag. The crushing attack Force of electricity Strike attack during battle am a man of many... Teeth, which angered him secret soldiers who serve under Frieza sent to island. Exclaimed that Recoome never stood a chance are ordered to pull out the guns... In terms of strength, Ginyu is the most flamboyant of the neck usually. Healed so quickly after eating Senzu Beans uncut version of the team 's elaborate introductory routine to Frieza second! Often speculated to be the second most common Ginyu Force Special event Story!